Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of our answers to commonly asked questions about working with College Counseling International’s admissions Consultants. We would love to speak to you, feel free to contact us
  • Because of our 100% success rate at placing students at institutions that offer great education. Also due to our international background, we fully understand the need to evaluate the upbringing and social environment of each student. We are very familiar with different international educational systems, their strengths and potential pitfalls. Last but not least, because of our highly personalized service, we become family. We treat our students like our own children and are vested personally in their growth and success.
  • A true college admissions consultant goes the extra length to understand his or her student’s personality, interests (both academically and personally), and needs. Based on that understanding, the consultant develops the most customized strategy on where to apply, how to best “package” the student, and offers continuous guidance on every step of the application process, including testing, personal statement, essay prompts, extracurricular activities, etc. A great college admissions consultant becomes in a way a “life coach” focused not only on the application process during this very stressful period in the student’s life, but also on the personal development and growth of the student.
  • Depending on what part of the application process you’re in, partnering with the counselor can begin with biweekly “Catch-ups” and guidance on high school coursework., extracurriculars and summer plans. Once the timing is closer to the application deadlines, the calls become more frequent, sometimes daily, and focus more on essay ideation and feedback on all aspects of the application. It’s a partnership that can be as strong as the student allows it to be, by opening up to the counselor and trusting the process.
  • Most initial meetings occur via Zoom. Once we start with the application, communication over email, What’s App, text and phone will become common. We’re available to communicate and counsel in whatever way that is most suitable for the student.
  • We started this business counseling international students. Our vast number of international students means we are very familiar with different educational systems, their strengths, and potential pitfalls. We also have international backgrounds, so we fully understand the need to evaluate the upbringing and social environment of each student. Having this understanding is crucial in determining safe and friendly colleges that are receptive to multi-culturalism and respect for different ethnicities.
  • We will match you with the right counselor who will best understand your personality and interests. Whomever you work with, trust that you will be matched with an expert counselor who will go the distance for you.
  • Absolutely. You will always meet Rabih and Nada at the free consultation session and perhaps end up with one or both of them as your counselor.
  • Ideally, as early as 9th or 10th grade, so the counselor can help guide the coursework early on throughout high school, extracurriculars that involve community service, leadership and initiative, sports, other areas of interests, and also plan productive summers.
  • This varies as each student is unique with different needs, skillset, and goals. Typically a student would require anywhere between 80-120 hours (combined between direct time spent with student, and working on the student’s file, communicating with colleges, analyzing and reviewing student’s work, etc. )
  • Yes. Depending on what the student’s needs are, whether it’s academic or standarized-testing related, we offer a wide array of one-on-one professional tutoring services online.
  • We work with all types of students applying to all kinds of schools, including Ivy League and other prestigious schools. Our goal is to find the “perfect fit” school for the student.
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