Comprehensive Consulting Packages

At College Counseling International, we strive to empower students to become the best versions of themselves. With over 40 years of collective experience you can ensure that your student will receive top-notch college counseling and a customized college roadmap unique to their academic and personal goals. With this insight in mind, we have constructed three comprehensive consulting packages to suit all your college admissions needs.

Most Popular

Comprehensive Package:

This is the most popular package our student families choose. It begins with getting to know the student on a personal, academic and extracurricular level. We work together to develop a customized college application strategy to best “package” the student and target a balanced list of universities. We spend countless hours guiding the student on all facets of the application process. It includes the most comprehensive college counseling services from the initial call with the family until the student’s first day in college.


    • Analyzing and assessing students’ strengths, areas for growth and likely career interests using assessment tools.
    • Relating assessment tools ‘findings to students’ goals.
    • Providing advice on extracurricular development.
    • Guide on summer activities and internships.
    • Providing academic advice and study skills development.
    • Developing strategies for students to stand out in the admissions process.
    • Recommend study guides to required tests (e.g., SAT, ACT, GRE, LSAT, etc.)
    • Developing balanced list of colleges and universities.
    • Developing strategies for students to stand out in the admissions process.
    • Determining appropriate college majors and/or minors and courses of study depending on strengths and interests.
    • Managing application materials.
    • Using the Common Application and other required applications.
    • Brainstorming ideas for Personal Statement and coaching on essay writing skills.
    • General and specific coaching on personal statements, prompts, and extracurricular.
    • Activities section of the Common App (or other apps).
    • Advising on letters of recommendations.
    • Reviewing and perfecting each college application.
    • Strategizing Early Decision/Early Action decision.
    • Guidance on resume writing and editing.
    • Interview coaching.
    • Addressing student challenges, and parent/student concerns throughout the process.
    • Helping with college selection once admission letters are in.

The Beyond Package:

If you live far away from your student’s new college or university and you would like us to continue guiding your student beyond the application process and admission letters, this is the package for you. It includes everything in the Comprehensive Package, in addition to continuing to guide your student throughout his or her first year in college, while providing professional support in whatever area the student requires, be it academic or emotional. This also includes counseling for transfer to another institution should the first school attended does not turn out to be the perfect fit.


    • Interview Coaching.
    • Assign student coach throughout first year of college.
    • Review selected courses.
    • After admission, support with Major/Minor decisions based on student’s performance and interest.
    • Help student with time management; create balanced schedule while at college.
    • Provide professional emotional support.
    • Provide 24/7 hotline.
    • Help with internship opportunities.
    • If school is not the perfect fit, help student transfer to another college at no additional cost.

Hourly Package:

If your student has already completed a major portion of their application process and only need help in one part or specific parts of the application, such as reviewing work completed, or guidance on fine-tuning your personal statement, this package could be for you. We can help you estimate the number of hours required once you indicate which areas you need guidance in. This package is also ideal for graduate students who are applying for a very specific major at a small number of graduate programs.