College Admissions Counseling for U.S.-based Students Whatever your background or interest, we have a comprehensive strategy to help you navigate the selective undergraduate admissions process and land in the college or university that’s best suited for you Schedule Your Free Session See Our Comprehensive Packages

We work hard to get to know you holistically

  • We learn about your academic history, recognitions, transcripts, coursework, etc.
  • We dive deep into the student’s world, hobbies, passions, strengths, sensitivities and extracurriculars
  • With our expert one-on-one personal mentoring and assessment tools, we help our students heighten their self-awareness so they can understand themselves better and create opportunities for themselves and others

We strategize a balanced college list

  • We research the schools that are the right fit for each student 
  • With schools divided into “Reach,” “Match” and “Safety” categories
  • We help you strategize an “Early Decision” and/or an “Early Action” plan with the appropriate schools
  • We are sensitive to students’ backgrounds and ensure every school on the list is a good fit for the student.

We provide proven guidance for admissions

  • We work closely with our students to develop a compelling, competitive applicant profile
  • Our highly tailored 1:1 counseling helps to ensure your application essay have has strategic narratives, detailing your unique strengths and qualities, and showcases how you will be an active academic and social contributor to your new school
  • We help you evaluate offers of admission as well as develop a strategy for waitlist and deferral decisions

I have known Rabih personally for many years. I consulted with him for both my undergraduate and graduate admissions processes. I was always impressed by his encyclopedic knowledge of colleges and universities, and as a result I was able to understand the strengths and weaknesses, pros and cons, of so many programs across the country in my field. I believe he would be a valuable resource for anyone regardless of his or her stage in pursuing higher education.

Omar W. MA (Political Science)

Harvard University

Rabih does an excellent job of listening, creating a plan and bringing that plan to fruition in the real world. He has the experience necessary not only to help you get to the program you want to be in but also plays a wicked smart devil's advocate and in doing so assures you of your own path. He has helped me continuously grow along my journey.

Daniel N. (Astrophysics)

UC Berkeley

Guiding my hand with unceasing dedication, passion and encouragement, Nada & Rabih truly made the application process more organized, simpler and easier. Whether it be reviewing my personal statement or putting together a college list, they were there every step of the way.

Michael T

(High School Graduating Senior)

CCI has helped me all throughout my academic career, from tailoring essay, to giving me advice during my degree. I felt heard and supported through the application process and when voicing my concerns. Rabih and Nada’s help has been invaluable. All their suggestions and changes made my essays stronger and were greatly tailored to the programs I was applying to. He made the process easier and significantly clearer.

Aida A. (Ph.D candidate - Environmental Science)

Imperial College London

Rabih pointed me in the exact direction I needed specifically when I needed it. Rabih introduced me to the Southern California Institute of Architecture, (SCI-Arc) a totally unconventional university and a school that I could only dream of attending. He shaped me and my application in such detail and without him I wouldn’t have felt like a strong candidate for this university. Rabih is a true scholar and professional, he is very critical and pays extreme attentional to detail and because of that I am very grateful. I guarantee that no matter what you choose to study Rabih has got your back.

Nader N. (BA - Architecture)

Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-ARC)

The college application process can be pretty overwhelming. Under The guidance of CCI, I was able to organize and approach each aspect more effectively.

Tian H. (Mathematics)

University of Toronto

With CCI’s mentorship, I was able to portray myself in an exciting and truthful manner. Their advice does not only pertain to the college application process, but also allowed me to evaluate my own strengths and career goals.

Nicholas K. (Engineering)

Duke University

CCI was instrumental in helping me polish the essays that I used when applying to Georgetown and U Chicago. I truly believe the message I was trying to get across was clarified and made more powerful using their suggestions. They are friendly, professional, and unbelievably canny when it comes to knowing what admissions officers are looking for. I was accepted early to Georgetown and Chicago.

Najib W. (BS Physics)

(Georgetown University)

Nada invested hours in helping me learn how to effectively tell my story, and helped me dig deep to find what qualities and skills I had that I needed to develop and describe in both my undergraduate and law school application journeys. I truly have CCI to thank for helping me get this far.

Gina A.

(UC Hastings College of the Law)