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At CCI, we strive to raise the chances of success as much as possible by boosting our applicant’s profile so our students’ applications are authentic, well-packaged, unique, and most important, extremely competitive. 98% of our students are admitted to one of their top schools.

40+ years of experience

Admissions Support Services

Well-packaged. Unique. Competitive.

Our strategic services will boost your applicant profile and increase the probability that you are accepted into the top choice and best-suited school. We ensure that each of our students has an authentic, competitive, well-packaged application submission. A strategy that has awarded us a 98% success rate amongst our students top school options.

Diversity is our strength.

We are proud to provide an array of services as diverse as the students we counsel by offering specialized college consulting services for students with specific goals and needs.

40+ years of experience

Consulting Services

Pre-College Counseling

We invest in getting to know you before we start guiding you. Often, We act as your mentor to help direct you on a path that will better enable you to reach your goals.

University Selection

We develop a balanced college list (categorized by Reach, Match and Safety) tailored to the needs of each individual student.

Standardized Test Preparation

Students are encouraged to explore which standardized test is right for them, and understand that Test Optional could vary significantly among colleges. We help students find the appropriate tutoring if needed.

Extra Curricular Advisement

As the college admissions landscape has become more competitive, colleges expect to see more than just involvement in extracurriculars. We provide advice on activities development, initiative, leadership and community service.

Essay & Personal Statement Development

The Personal Statement has become the single most important part of the college application where the student can uniquely and engagingly come to life.

Recommendation Letters

We don’t let our students apply with anything less than glowing letters. We advise you on which recommenders would be best positioned to write your recommendation letter and how they can speak best to your specific academic and personal strengths.

Entrance Exams

We conduct a thorough analysis taking into consideration every factor that could improve chances of admission.

Interview Preparation

We prepare you for both on-campus and alumni interviews by guiding you on the content and flow of the interview.


To help you explore and grow, we guide you on summer activities and internships that can be meaningful to you and are complementary to your application.

Post Admission Guidance

Once admitted, we help you with college selection and provide pros and cons for each admitted school.